Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mr. Motivator’s Business Tips: Become Tech Savvy

Interactive Communication. It is amazing to see the numbers increasing of small businesses that are moving to interactive websites that encourage customers to stay in touch – often by building in technology for providing online customer services. Going beyond product promotion, these sites offer email and other interactive features.

E-commerce. These sites allow customers to transact business directly online. You can even post your catalog online, let customers browse through your product offerings, select what they want, put selected items into their online “shopping carts”and then check out at the cashier, making payment by credit card. The opportunities are limited mainly by your imagination.

Promote your site. Look for ways to promote your site. You can place it on business cards, letterheads, and sales brochures. You can also mention your web address (called the “URL” for universal resource location) on flyers, newspaper ads, radio and TV spots.

Give visitors a reason to return. Web merchants have come to realize that site visitors are more likely to stick around if useful information and other interesting content is provided besides product facts or sales material. The kind of content you add will depend on your business and your customer base.

Communicate with Prospects and Customers. One especially effective way is to keep visitors returning to your site is to stay in touch via e-mail. This requires that you invite visitors to provide you with contact information about themselves, including their email addresses. Also, encourage visitors to email their comments. Ask them what they like, and whether they find it easy to navigate. With the right monitoring, you can continually fine tune your site, and improve its marketing effectiveness.

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