Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Today’s Women are making big bucks

Working from your home totally levels the sexual playing field.  Women do as well as men.  They report earning from $6000 per year for those needing a little extra money—to over $100,000 per year by eager and dedicated entrepreneurs.
There are several reasons for the female revolt against traditional employment.
  • Moms need money but want to be at home with their kids.
  • They are divorced with no marketable skills and do not want to work in an office or factory.
  • The family needs a second paycheck.
  • They are saving to buy a house, a car, or some other expensive purchase.
  • Parents are saving to set up a college fund for their children.
  • They are wisely saving for retirement.
  • They are building a short-term emergency cash fund so they won’t be caught financially off-guard.
  • They are unable to find work in a dwindling job market.
Many look at the heavy influx of women into the home business field as a “female declaration of independence.”  They say it helps account for the fact that 66% of home businesses are owned by women.

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