Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ten Ways To Enjoy Earning A Living

It doesn’t matter if you own your own company, work for someone or feel you just have to have a job, we have to earn a living.  Since earning a living is a necessity to survival, here are ten ways to enjoy EARNING A LIVING!

  1. EXERCISE REGULARLY – A brisk walk, bicycle ride or aerobics, rests the mind and the body.
  2. CULTIVATE POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS – Relationships that are positive will provide you with stimulating and positive feedback.  The relationship should challenge you to be positive, never should it make you become negative.
  3. LOVE YOUR JOB AND ENJOY WORKING WITH TALENTED AND DEDICATED PEOPLE – Strive and promote the positive aspects of your job, then you will draw positive people who share these ideas.
  4. BE ORGANIZED – Not being organized is too much work.  Prepare the night before.  Prepare clothing, make lunches, clean up so each morning you will deal with only new challenges.  Being organized will always put you ahead.
  5. PACE YOURSELF – Spread difficult projects out over weeks/months/year so you can work on it a little at a time (this is part of being organized).
  6. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN – If you have a poor memory, write it down.  If you have a good memory write it down.  If you have a good memory write it down, don’t clutter your mind when paper will do the job for you.
  7. TAKE YOUR WORK SERIOUSLY, BUT DON’T TAKE YOURSELF SERIOUSLY – A light hearted or comic perspective can help you cope with life’s ups and downs.
  8. CARRY INFORMATION TO READ – While waiting in bank, grocery and store lines have information, books, articles to read.  This will help to pass the time, and allow you to continually be productive.
  9. TAKE O NE DAY AT A TIME - Do your best today.  Enjoy each day, each experience.  Tomorrow will come soon enough.
  10. DO SOMETHING FOR THE KID IN YOU – Treat yourself to a candy bar o r some ice cream.  The ultimate, buy  yourself something that will make you really happy!
By Valder Beebe

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