Saturday, March 31, 2012

Your Best Investment

Everyone is searching for a great investment.  People are looking for an investment that will yield a high return.  Their question may be, how many shares must I purchase in order to receive a dividend?

Well friend, look no further.  You are the best investment.  Your dividends are low and your profits are high.  That’s because no one on earth knows about you except you.  You are the hottest investment on the market.  But why aren’t you benefitting and receiving the monetary rewards?  It is because you looked and searched everywhere except within yourself.

You’ve invested your time and resources with numerous jobs, companies, schools, organizations, positions, automobiles, stocks, bonds, gold, silver, franchises, and your friends new network marketing ventures, but what about you?

You are unique, there is no one else in the world exactly like you, nor will there ever be.  You were born with talent, skills and untapped potential.  That means that you have an unlimited supply.  Isn’t it sad that many people have died and that most of them never discovered the treasure that was within them? 

When it comes to making an investment in life, you are the best investment that you could ever make, but because of being around negative people, you’re supporting everyone and everything except you.  Don’t waste your time and money.  Invest in yourself today.

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