Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quotes from Mr. Motivator

A man who thinks for himself, and consults God before making important decisions, will avoid lots of trouble and many sleepless nights.       – Mr. Motivator –

Trouble can sometimes be the easiest thing to get into and the hardest thing to get out of.  When a voice on the inside of you says, “Something is not right about this…”  “Don’t do it!!!”  Just say “NO!”               -  Mr. Motivator –

If your feelings are saying to you this is not real love, and you have lots of unanswered questions, why rush into a relationship when there are signs signaling you to slow down, proceed with caution, detour, or exit.         – Mr. Motivator –

An idle mind is like a car left in park with the engine still running.  If the gear shift is not moved into position it will never move.  If your brain remains stuck on stupid and thinking only about past failures, just shift to drive so that you can move ahead.  
-          Mr. Motivator –

If you don’t take good care of your car, it will one day get back at you by leaving you stranded some place.  The same is true about your body.  If you treat it badly, it may abandon you at a nearby hospital and leave you hanging for dear life.   – Mr. Motivator –

Poverty is going without and not having your basic needs met, while worry and depression beats the crap out of you.         – Mr. Motivator –

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