Friday, June 1, 2012


IMPROVEMENT – “Commit to learning.”
FOLLOW-UP – “Respond quickly and decisively.”
VISION – “Sharpen your focus.  Clarity always wins.”
TEAMWORK – “Help everybody win.  There is no “I” in team.
RELATIONSHIPS – “Show genuine interest in everyone you meet.”
EXPECTATIONS – “Strive to do better everyday.  High expectations win.”
CONSISTENCY – “Consistently put the client first, stay on track.”
INTEGRITY – “Always tell the truth.  Admit y our mistakes without delay.”
EMOTIONS – “Interpret reality objectively.  Never put negative labels on events.”
PERSISTENCE – “Never, never, never give up.  Ignore people who say it can’t be done.”
MOTIVATION – “Believe in yourself and your product.  Set daily goals and keep reaching.
SELF-CONFIDENCE – “Act as if you could never fail.  Never let rejection overwhelm you.”
ATTITUDE – “Turn obstacles into stepping stone.  Every setback is an opportunity for growth.”
                                                                                                   Author Unknown                                                       

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