Thursday, August 9, 2012

Think Before You Invest

There are numerous stories told about some individuals saving their money for 10, 15, and 20 years losing it in some grand scheme perpetuated by some unscrupulous person, or even some well meaning individual.  They will risk their life savings and work on a promise to multiply investments to a point that guarantees wealth.  Never invest in a highly suspect venture, or with an individual or institution with no track record of being successful in that area.  When in doubt, seek professional advice from those with the proper credentials.
Obviously, this strategy dictates that you should insure your assets.  More small fortunes are lost from people putting money in unsound investments that promise "chance of a lifetime returns."  That's because human nature contains a little greed, and it's easy for someone to convince us that he can take our $10,000 and turn it into 10 times, or 15 times, what it is worth.
If you are not careful, your savings can be lost.  Not only will you not benefit from the interest or income from your principal, but once guided by greed, it's a strong possibility that the principal will be lost too, and you'll have to start over with few or no working years remaining.
Once your assets are lost, starting over can be traumatic and extremely painful, not to mention the economic and physical difficulties.
Share your wealth and knowledge to help others that are in need.  There are those who are hungry, sick, or just need a helping hand.  This is important because the schools, hospitals, and various institutions that are designed to help people never have enough money.  It is our responsibility to pay into those reputable institutions.  From the churches to the hospitals, there are numerous institutions and individuals that need our help.
By Alfred Herron

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Do you have a Dream or a Vision?

You've got to have a dream.  If you don't have a dream, you may not have a future.  Success is obtaining the unobtainable or doing something that no one else believed you had the guts to do.  Competition involves being the best you can be and refusing to worry about what others think.
Use what talents you possess.  If you use what you've got, you may discover a well of unlimited potential.  Dare to Dream and capture the universe of supply and demand.  Unlimited potential is usually stored up in an individual who never used it.
Where does the world's greatest talent reside?  It lies in the graveyards.  Where is the world's greatest talent at?  It is in the graveyards, because far too many people leave this world never knowing or using their full potential.  Isn't it a shame!
If the sun is shining in your life, your future will be very bright.  Your path will be clear.  But, if the sun goes down in your life, it means that you have no dream or ambition to become a champion.  One good idea can turn on the light of hope and positive expectancy in your world.
 If you have a dream or vision, you will be inspired to keep moving ahead in your quest to venture out and make things happen.
Think big!  Dream Big!  It is your choice.  It is your idea.  No one can steal our dream.  Just dream and visualize what you want in life.  When you can see it, feel it, and believe in it, the manifestation of your dream will begin to take root and your dreams will become a reality.  If you dare to dream, your vision will become your future.
I try to inspire eveyone that I meet to dream big because I believe that dreams will transform your mind to allow it to produce ideas, strategies, information, creativity, and solutions for solving problems in your life and others.
More job lay-offs are coming.  You must take action today.  Dare to dream!  You must make a quality decision about your future.  Don't procrastinate if you realize your potential abilities and the opportunities that are facing you.
What's holding ou back?  Sometimes, fear of the unknown is the biggest factor that causes a lot of people to stay in a rut and to give up so easily.  In order to capture your future, make sure you got all of the facts, study your market, analyze it, then reach beyond the clouds, and pull down a handful of stars.  In order to achieve the obtainable, you must set your goals high enough to reach the unobtainable.  I believe if you can dream about it, you will see it, then, you will achieve it.  Nearly all great leaders have dreams and visions.
A dream can motivate you to a level of high expectation.  Doubt, negativism, unbelief, and uncertainty will short-circuit your ability to dram and put out your flames of a burning desire that's needed to launch you forward regardless of criticism, circumstances or hindrances in life.
Dreaming big dreams allow you to release your God-given potential.  Your potential is unlimited.  Dare to dream so that you may release it.  If you dare to dream, you may be surprised to discover what your design or purpose for this life is waiting within you to be revealed.
Taken from Chapter 8 in "Success is an Attitude" by author, Dwight Jeffery

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Strategies for Winning

Forget about who finishes first and who finishes last.  Decent, honorable people finish races -- and their lives -- in grand style and with respect.

There is no such thing as a moral agnostic.  An amoral person is a moral person who temporarily and creatively disconnects his actions from his values.

Whatever the blinders may be, the right-wrong indicator light continues to flash all the same.  We might not ask, but the compass tells.

We are not always required by law to do what is right and proper.  Decency and generosity, for instance, carry no legal mandate.  Pure ethics are optional.

Succeeding or getting to the top at all costs by definition is an immoral goal.

Tough negotiations, however, must be fair and honest.  That way, you neve have to remember what you said the previous day.

Setting the example - risk, responsibility, reliability -- the 3 R's of leadership.

Leaders are called on to enter arenas where success isn't covered by the warranty, where public failure is a real possibility.

Following one's moral compass isn't for the faint of heart or the cold feet.

It is important we listen to lawyers, but only for a second opinion.  Your opinion ought to be the first and the last.

Trust, should not be blind.  Save blind faith for religion.

Life isn't a game of solitaire, people depend on one another.

If we must check to see whether our activity is wrong, it probably is.

Each human is unique.  When we seek to be like the next person, we lost autonomy.

Some people earn admiration and respect.  If you must choose one, however, go for respect every time.

Grudges are physically, emotionally and mentally draining if not unhealthy.

Prayer to whomever or whatever you perceive to be your deity is good therapy.

Justice has a way of catching up to those who do injury to others.  It happns most often without our assistance.

Each of us has a stake in the accomplishments and failures of those around us; each of us holds an interest in the deeds of others.

It makes no difference where one lives.  Everyone wants to feel noticed, respected and valued.

The surest path to success is one where others walk with you.

The greatest dividends are those paid to hardworking men and women through bonuses, gifts, scholarships and praise.

No matter what the field, no star of any success story is a totally self-made man or woman.

Philanthropy is plain good business.  It energizes a company.

It is of little consequence where or how or to whom we give.  What really matters is our attitude.

True giving is doing something for somebody who can never repay you.

Save for God's grace (and a few worldly breaks), there go us.

Donations don't always have to be money.  In many ways, time is more precious than dollars.

When attempting to play life's games by the rules, it helps not to compartmentalize family, faith and career.

Author Unknown

Friday, August 3, 2012

Words of Wisdom, by Mary Kay

There are 4 kinds of people in this world:  Those who make things happen; those who watch things happen; those who wonder what happened; and those who don’t know that anything happened!

People who do succeed have:  enthusiasm (with purpose), discipline, willingness (to work, to serve, and to learn), determination, appreciation of others.

Everything works out if you have your life in the proper perspective, God first, family second, and career third.

Your time is the most important thing you have-make the most of it. If you are serious about your career, should not spend your 24 hours on tasks that you could assign to someone else.  When you organize your time, you should first do those things that are truly important to you and your family.  Then do what is important for your career.  Anything else is extra.

Delegate your work.  Stop spending dollar time on penny jobs.  Plan your life the way you plan your vacation.  There are 3 prerequisites.  First, you have to pick a job that you truly enjoy-something that challenges and fulfills your individual strengths.  Second, you have to plan your workday with the same kind of detail you use when planning a vacation.  Third, you have to start looking at your career as if you expecting to have some excitement and fun.

A good definition of a woman’s needs:  From birth to age 14, she needs good parents and good health.  From 14 to 40, she needs good looks.  From 40 to 60, she needs personality, and from 60 on, she needs cash.

When a woman behaves like a lady, she sets the stage, and as a result, men will conduct themselves as gentlemen.  Men respect a woman who retains her femininity, and that they respond more favorably to her if she presents an attractive appearance.  When I’m the only woman present, it’s wise to keep my mouth shut, until I am certain that I know what I’m talking about.  The men present will perceive my views differently than they would those of another man.  I know that when I speak, they will listen-and I want to be absolutely on target.

This can be an asset instead of a liability.  A well-groomed saleswoman can often get in to see a male executive who would turn a man away.  In fact, he’s likely to hold the chair for her!  In other words, men will often give a woman a little extra assistance.  And a woman who is smart will take advantage of this small edge.

No matter what you do or how restricted your time, you should always make the effort to look your best.  After all, you only get  one chance to make a good first impression.

Having work you love to do is an essential part of being happy.  When you enjoy your work, it’s important to have someone to share it with.  The third part of being happy is always having something to look forward to.  In my case, this is linked to my first 2 elements of happiness.  I look forward to enjoying my work as much as I always have, and I look forward to being with and sharing with people that I love.

It’s vital to always have something at the end of the rainbow.  Once you approach your dream, it’s important to find another dream.  You can’t out give God.  As you begin a new career, remember that whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass.

Happiness is different things to different people.  Happiness is first, having work that you love to do-something you like so much you’d do it even if you weren’t paid.  Second, happiness is someone to love.  And third, it is having something to look forward to.

The Mary Kay philosophy rests upon 3 simple and beautiful ideas.  The first and most important is the Golden Rule.  We teach our people to treat others as they themselves would like to be treated.  Sometimes we call this our Go-Give Spirit, and we accord special recognition to those individuals who show that spirit in outstanding ways.  It’s a spirit of sharing and caring for the other person.  The second cornerstone of our philosophy is our belief in the right priorities:  God first, family second, and career third.  A person cannot do a professional job if his or her personal life is in conflict.  Our third cornerstone is our belief in the beautiful potential inside each and every human being.  We believe that with lots of praise and encouragement, everyone can be successful.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Best Investment

Everyone is searching for a great investment.  People are looking for an investment that will yield a high return.  Their question may be, "How many shares must I purchase in order to receive a dividend?  How many shares must I purchase in order to receive a dividend?

Well friend, look no further.  You are the best investment.  Your dividends are low and your profits are high.  That's because no one on earth knows about more about you than you do.  You are the hottest investment on the market.  But why aren't you benefitting and receiving the monetary rewards?  It is because you looked and searched everywhere except within yourself.

You've invested your time and resources with numerous jobs, companies, schools, organizations, positions, automobiles, stocks, bonds, gold, silver, franchises, and your friends network marketing ventures, but what about you?

You are unique, there is no one else in the world exactly like you, nor will there ever be.  You were born with talent, skills and untapped potential.  That means that you have an unlimited supply.

Isn't it sad that many people have died and that most of them never discovered the treasure that was within them.

When it comes to making an investment in life, you are the best investment that you could ever make, but because of being around negative people, you're supporting everyone and everything except you.  Don't waste your time and money.  Invest in yourself today.