Friday, March 23, 2012

Referrals area the best sales leads

Referrrals usually lead to new business because you don’t have to advertise to get them…and they come “qualified.”  Don’t just wait for referrals—have an active program to generate them…

  • Give gifts, free samples, $50-$500 cash sweepstakes drawing, or a price discount in exchange for each referral.
  • Place “referral forms” in newsletters and other business documents sent to customers.
  • Hold business-sponsored social events for the purpose of obtaining referrals.
  • On delivering a product or service, ask for referrals.  Happy customers often will be glad to give them.
  • When a sale falls through, ask for referrals—prospects who feel guilty may feel they owe them.
  • Actively exchange referrals with other businesses.
  • When you give out your business card, make sure that you get one back in exchange from the individual that you gave your card to, also write a note or reminder on the back of the card some information or observation about that person.
  • Hold a drawing for referrals, and give a free gift out to the person whose name is pulled from the referral drawing.

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