Saturday, March 3, 2012

Success is an Attitude by Dwight Jeffery

Get a copy of this exciting book.  Get it here!  Uncover the power within you and start achieving your goals. It's as simple as changing your attitude and outlook about life. Known as "Mr. Motivator" to his students, friends, and family, Dwight Jeffery has spent his career helping others meet objectives they previously thought could not be met. He's found that changing your attitude, self-image, and outlook can lead to a dramatically improved life.In this inspirational guidebook, you'll discover formulas to deal with obstacles, strategies to deal with setbacks, tools that will help you win, and exercises to help you boost your self-image.Success isn't just about your title or salary; it's also about discovering the real you and realizing your potential to be the best that you can be while developing a positive attitude and helping others. With the strategies and insights inSuccess Is an Attitudeyou'll develop a vision, set your goals, and then achieve them.

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