Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mr. Motivator - Dwight Jeffery

Hello, I'm Mr. Motivator.

If you dare to dream, your vision will become your future.  Over the years, I've learned that a winning team wins more games because they enjoy winning.  Therefore, they recruit players that are use to winning and their goal is to win every game.  A true winner will do the little things that others will avoid because they are committed and passionate about winning.  No one wants to be on a losing team that constantly drops the ball and gives up on winning.

Mr. Motivator's Vision:

Is to help you crystallize your dreams and reach your goals.

Mr. Motivator's Mission:

Is to inspire people to dream big by offering tools that teach people creative and innovative, goal-setting techniques for success in life.  I believe that you can transform your mind by becoming aware of negative thoughts and by feeding your mind with positive information, you will automatically begin to produce ideas, strategies and solutions for solving problems in your life and others.

More job lay-offs are coming!  Take action!  You must make a quality decision about your future.  Don't procrastinate if you realize your potential abilities and what opportunity is facing you.  Sometimes fear of the unknown is the biggest factor that causes many people to stay in a rut and to give up so easily.

In order to capture your future, you need to get all the facts, study your market and then analyze it.  Next, you may need to ask yourself a few basic questions and truthfully answer them.  For example, do I have a game plan?  What is the worst thing that could happen to me if I make the wrong move?  Do I choose to be the one that is making the money or do I choose to be the one that is making the burgers?  Am I afraid of the internet and new technology?

Just by answering the questions above, you can now make a quality decision ahead and set goals that will help you achieve future success

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