Monday, April 9, 2012

Five P’s for Coping with Stress

  1. Positive Outlook – Deal with stress head-on, with a positive outlook, seeing the problems as opportunities for personal growth, instead of obstacles interfering with “normal” life.  A negative approach to stress admits defeat before the fight has begun.  (James 1:2).

  1. Perseverance – Don’t put it off—deal with stressful situations immediately.  The sooner the problem is conquered, the better.  Plow through the problem to its end, no matter what you encounter along the way.  After you receive the victory, do not dwell on the problem any longer.  (II Timothy 2:3-7).

  1. Purpose – Try to discover why you may be going through a particularly stressful period.  Usually there is a lesson to be learned.  Perhaps a deep-seated problem is being revealed, or you have something to learn about your communication and relationships with others.  (I Peter 5:10,11).

  1. Patience – Be patient with others, in spite of the added pressure.  It is easy to vent your frustrations by snapping off at others, even those you love most dearly.  Avoid such an immature action at all costs—it only leads to further problems.  (James 1:19).

  1. Preparation – Be prepared for encountering stress, as it is a part of life.  A person prepared for anything can glide through a stressful situation with an almost unbelievable peace of mind.  A certain elderly lady was able to accept her husband’s serious illness with surprising peace because she had daily prepared herself by nurturing her faith and reading the Bible every day.  (Isaiah 23:6).

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