Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Interview Hints

1. Dress appropriately.
2. Go to the interview alone.
3. Arrive at least ten (10) minutes early.
4. Dispose of chewing gum, candy, lighted cigarettes, etc. before entering the interviewer’s office.
5. Don’t get annoyed or restless while waiting.
6. Smile and give your name distinctly when greeting the interviewer.
7. Do not expect the interviewer to stand when you enter the room.
8. Don’t sit down until asked to do so.
9. Be attentive; try to sit comfortably but don’t slouch.
10. Let the interviewer take the initiative.
11. Be enthusiastic and look directly at the interviewer when talking.
12. Avoid using slang expressions.
13. Never criticize others, including your former employer, even if justified.
14. Don’t discuss personal problems.
15. Don’t use generalities when answering questions.
16. Do not exaggerate previous positions or salaries because most employers will check this information with your former employers.
17. Be ready to relate your qualifications and experiences.  If you have never worked steadily before, relate any volunteer or part-time work experience you may have had.
18. Stress your strong points, or strengths.
19. Answer questions in full rather than nodding or saying “yes” or “no”.
20. Do not distract from the conversation by fidgeting with your purse, keys or other objects.  Also refrain from nervous mannerisms, such as wringing your hands, flexing your fingers, etc.
21. Do not look at or touch anything on the interviewer’s desk.
22. Don’t smoke unless given permission to do so.
23. Indicate preference as to job desired.  Never say, “I’ll take anything.”
24. Volunteer any important information which you feel is being overlooked or minimized to your disadvantage.
25. Leave promptly when the interviewer indicates the interview is over.
26. Express appreciation for the interview even if you don’t get the job.
27. When leaving, thank the person in the front office who introduced you.
28. Send a thank you card to the interviewer.
29. Take a moment to relax and search for something positive on twitter.
30. Select an affirmation (Positive self-talk).  Write it on an index card and read it daily.  It will help build your confidence.
31. Belief in yourself and know that you have a purpose to fulfill.
32. Dare to Dream!  Keep thinking Big!

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