Saturday, April 21, 2012

Attention, Friends & Colleagues:

Dwight Jeffery (Mr. Motivator) is one of the most dynamic and energetic individuals I know.  I have personally known him for quite a few years and he knows how to be a friend.  He is so personable you can’t help but like the guy.   

I have heard Mr. Motivator speak to groups of people and he truly is a Motivating individual.  His approach to speaking is usually exciting and he engages the audience in such a way that all leave with more information than from the typical speaker.   

Mr. Motivator is naturally an educator and has a heart for imparting knowledge where it’s needed.  His wealth of knowledge allows him to communicate with diverse groups and he is received well because of his warm personality.  If you’ve ever had an opportunity to shake hands with Mr. Motivator and he graced you with his ingratiating smile, you will remember him forever.


LaDarien Spencer, Manager
HIM Records Promotions

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