Friday, April 27, 2012

Characteristics of Great Leaders

When life gives you a lemon, make some lemonade.  Whatever you do, do it with passion and be the best that you can be.  Look and talk like a professional.  If you decide to do something of importance, go first class and come back with a victory.    Dr. Lorene B. Holmes, Professor of Business at Jarvis Christian College.

1.      They learn how to see clearly when they look.

2.      They learn correctly when they lecture.

3.      They think carefully before they speak.

4.      They show respect when they serve.

5.      They maintain calm when they are challenged.

6.      They inquire critically when they are in doubt.

7.      They consider consequences when they decide.

8.      They create desirable results when they work.

9.      They do what is right when they act.

10.  They keep a good reputation.

11.  Great Leaders draw from others.  Diversity means drawing from, and embracing the talents of varied people from common goals.  The word diverse means made up of distinct characteristics and qualities.

12.  Great Leaders save 15% and still live well.

-          Most people don’t save anything at all.

-          You should pay God first.

-          Save before you spend, don’t pay your bills until you pay God first and then pay yourself next, set up an automatic saving program with your bank.

They can draw $50-$100 from your checking account each month and put it towards savings.

13.  Great Leaders shield their saving from the taxman wherever possible.  You should seek tax deferred accounts or contribute to a retirement account.

14.  Great Leaders spend more carefully.

-          Take a less expensive vacation.

-          Brown-bag your lunch a couple of days a week.

-          Look for less apparent way to save.

-          Refinance a mortgage at lower interest rate and save the monthly difference.

-          Shop for less expensive Life Insurance and etc.

15.  Great Leaders have a plan – for every area of life.  Failing to plan is planning to fail.

The strategy for a successful savings plan is to save something every payday even if it’s a small amount.  No savings goal can be reached without regular deposits.  A weekly $5.00 deposit provides you with more money at the end of the year than five $50.00 deposits scattered throughout the year.  Plan your investment strategy for building wealth, put your plan on paper, and start it with an automatic deposit in your investment account.  You don’t have to start big.  All you have to do is start.

16.  Great Leaders are wise.  They realize that they will not live forever.  Not only do they have an insurance plan, they will invest in a plan that covers their salvation.  Make sure you get your life right before the enemy of life knocks on your door. 

17.  Great Leaders never leave home without God’s plan of salvation, they make sure they’re covered and protected.

                                                                 - Author Unknown -


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  1. Not long time ago, I followed several Toronto strategy consultant courses at and I've learned that confidence is also a very important quality of a great leader. A leader has to believe in himself or herself. Confidence really makes the leader. By the way, very good article above! Thanks for this sharing!