Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Do you have a Dream or a Vision?

You've got to have a dream.  If you don't have a dream, you may not have a future.  Success is obtaining the unobtainable or doing something that no one else believed you had the guts to do.  Competition involves being the best you can be and refusing to worry about what others think.
Use what talents you possess.  If you use what you've got, you may discover a well of unlimited potential.  Dare to Dream and capture the universe of supply and demand.  Unlimited potential is usually stored up in an individual who never used it.
Where does the world's greatest talent reside?  It lies in the graveyards.  Where is the world's greatest talent at?  It is in the graveyards, because far too many people leave this world never knowing or using their full potential.  Isn't it a shame!
If the sun is shining in your life, your future will be very bright.  Your path will be clear.  But, if the sun goes down in your life, it means that you have no dream or ambition to become a champion.  One good idea can turn on the light of hope and positive expectancy in your world.
 If you have a dream or vision, you will be inspired to keep moving ahead in your quest to venture out and make things happen.
Think big!  Dream Big!  It is your choice.  It is your idea.  No one can steal our dream.  Just dream and visualize what you want in life.  When you can see it, feel it, and believe in it, the manifestation of your dream will begin to take root and your dreams will become a reality.  If you dare to dream, your vision will become your future.
I try to inspire eveyone that I meet to dream big because I believe that dreams will transform your mind to allow it to produce ideas, strategies, information, creativity, and solutions for solving problems in your life and others.
More job lay-offs are coming.  You must take action today.  Dare to dream!  You must make a quality decision about your future.  Don't procrastinate if you realize your potential abilities and the opportunities that are facing you.
What's holding ou back?  Sometimes, fear of the unknown is the biggest factor that causes a lot of people to stay in a rut and to give up so easily.  In order to capture your future, make sure you got all of the facts, study your market, analyze it, then reach beyond the clouds, and pull down a handful of stars.  In order to achieve the obtainable, you must set your goals high enough to reach the unobtainable.  I believe if you can dream about it, you will see it, then, you will achieve it.  Nearly all great leaders have dreams and visions.
A dream can motivate you to a level of high expectation.  Doubt, negativism, unbelief, and uncertainty will short-circuit your ability to dram and put out your flames of a burning desire that's needed to launch you forward regardless of criticism, circumstances or hindrances in life.
Dreaming big dreams allow you to release your God-given potential.  Your potential is unlimited.  Dare to dream so that you may release it.  If you dare to dream, you may be surprised to discover what your design or purpose for this life is waiting within you to be revealed.
Taken from Chapter 8 in "Success is an Attitude" by author, Dwight Jeffery

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