Sunday, August 5, 2012

Strategies for Winning

Forget about who finishes first and who finishes last.  Decent, honorable people finish races -- and their lives -- in grand style and with respect.

There is no such thing as a moral agnostic.  An amoral person is a moral person who temporarily and creatively disconnects his actions from his values.

Whatever the blinders may be, the right-wrong indicator light continues to flash all the same.  We might not ask, but the compass tells.

We are not always required by law to do what is right and proper.  Decency and generosity, for instance, carry no legal mandate.  Pure ethics are optional.

Succeeding or getting to the top at all costs by definition is an immoral goal.

Tough negotiations, however, must be fair and honest.  That way, you neve have to remember what you said the previous day.

Setting the example - risk, responsibility, reliability -- the 3 R's of leadership.

Leaders are called on to enter arenas where success isn't covered by the warranty, where public failure is a real possibility.

Following one's moral compass isn't for the faint of heart or the cold feet.

It is important we listen to lawyers, but only for a second opinion.  Your opinion ought to be the first and the last.

Trust, should not be blind.  Save blind faith for religion.

Life isn't a game of solitaire, people depend on one another.

If we must check to see whether our activity is wrong, it probably is.

Each human is unique.  When we seek to be like the next person, we lost autonomy.

Some people earn admiration and respect.  If you must choose one, however, go for respect every time.

Grudges are physically, emotionally and mentally draining if not unhealthy.

Prayer to whomever or whatever you perceive to be your deity is good therapy.

Justice has a way of catching up to those who do injury to others.  It happns most often without our assistance.

Each of us has a stake in the accomplishments and failures of those around us; each of us holds an interest in the deeds of others.

It makes no difference where one lives.  Everyone wants to feel noticed, respected and valued.

The surest path to success is one where others walk with you.

The greatest dividends are those paid to hardworking men and women through bonuses, gifts, scholarships and praise.

No matter what the field, no star of any success story is a totally self-made man or woman.

Philanthropy is plain good business.  It energizes a company.

It is of little consequence where or how or to whom we give.  What really matters is our attitude.

True giving is doing something for somebody who can never repay you.

Save for God's grace (and a few worldly breaks), there go us.

Donations don't always have to be money.  In many ways, time is more precious than dollars.

When attempting to play life's games by the rules, it helps not to compartmentalize family, faith and career.

Author Unknown

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