Monday, January 28, 2013

Mr. Motivator Says

Build leaders and teams will come.
If you want to be a leader, you've got to build you.
We build ourselves.
You must become a student of leadership.
Motivation gets you started, but good habits will help you succeed.
You must be ...
Coachable (All good leaders are good followers).
Be positive and optimistic.
You gotta be a good communicator.
You must be an encourager and make people feel good about themselves.
You must have self-discipline in order to be a good leader.
\You must study to show yourself approved.  Know your product and your competitors.
You gotta be a teacher and duplicator (teach people to do what you do).
Intensity (work hard, focus on recruiting and building a team).
You gotta have tenacity.  (Most people quit before they get good at doing what they love doing.  When you are fortunate enough to have a job doing what you enjoy doing, you do not have a job, you have a career and a lifestyle.
Never give up!  Set goals that are realistic and obtainable.
When you help enough people become successful, you automatically become successful.  You build teams by building leaders.

Success is yours, walk in it!
Dare to Dream and Keep Thinking Big!
You will discover your purpose in life.                         Author Mr. Motivator

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