Friday, March 1, 2013


What would we do without our women friends?  I can't imagine how we could survive without the hugs and humor, the closeness and kleenex that our female friendships provide.  Men often envy the importance that friends play  in our lives - and they should.  It's a special relationship women share that most men seem to have trouble achieving.  For all the talk about male bonding, I think a lot of men find friendship with a woman easier than friendship with another man, I know my husband does. It's interesting how in each stage of life new female friends emerge, and how they stay friends forever. Women rely on friends.  If you're lucky like me, you have a built-in best friend called a husband, but I will always need my female friends, and I think most women do.  We simply can't exist without the connections to other women.  That's where we draw sustenance and find safety.  We can count on our women friends when we need a good laugh or a good cry.
Women have always known this, as they found ways to cover vast distances in order to congregate - to share their tasks with other women on the promise of  efficiency, but in fact, because we've known through the centuries that when we're together we have more fun                                                                                                                            Author Cokie Roberts

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