Saturday, March 30, 2013

The World of Professional Speaking

Being on the rope is everything.  All is waiting to perform.  - Karl Wallenda, circus tightrope performer
Professional speakers feel the same way about the thrilling business of appearing before audiences and delivering useful information in an entertaining and beneficial way.  Being before the audience - speaking is everything.  All else is waiting (and preparing) to speak. You, too, can follow this powerful calling.  You can educate, inspire, and lead people to take action and make important changes in their lives.  By becoming a professional speaker, you can prosper at levels you may never have dreamed were possible in your life.
Based on your own ever-growing body of knowledge you can also write books, create other useful products, become a professional consultant, and add many more valuable "accessories" to your speaking career.  If you have the drive and dream and can follow our plan, you literally can Speak and Grow Rich.
Speaking - speaking well - is like a great dance involving your audiences, your customers and the great minds of all the ages.  You coordinate the many intricate steps of this dance:  the gathering of knowledge, the marketing, learning to better touch hearts and minds.  As you take each step, "Speak and Grow Rich" will act as your instruction manual, your source of information, and your inspiration.
At first you will struggle to hear the music that is meant for you.  Soon, you will discover your market and your strengths; then you will enter the dance with confidence! Author: Dottie and Lilly Walters

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