Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Success Tips

“Commit yourself to a life of ongoing personal development. 

You can become anything you want if you continue to develop yourself through reading, listening to audiotapes, CD’s, DVD’s, online courses, workshops, webinars, and seminars.  Reading one book per week in your chosen field will make y ou one of the most competent people of your generation.  All leaders are readers.

Remember, that the secret of success is making a habit of doing the things that failures don’t like to do.

The choice is up to you.  You can reach the stars in your career if you are willing to set exciting goals and then go to work to make your dreams come true.

Some people make up excuses like, I don’t have the extra money to buy a book, I don’t have the time or I don’t like reading.  Stop fooling yourself.  If you don’t have any money, you can check out books for reading at local library.  If you don’t have time, you can learn how to organize your time more effectively by setting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.  Make time for yourself and your family by scheduling your time and focusing on top priorities.  I don’t like to read…is an excuse.

Just remember this…a man who won’t read has no advantage over a man who cannot read.  A smart man will improve his knowledge base and a foolish man will want to stay ignorant.

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