Thursday, June 7, 2012

Your Attitude Determines Your Income - The Brian Tracy Newsletter

Would you like to double or triple your income in less than a year?  Are you ready to experience a quantum leap in personal performance that can move you into the top 5% of salespeople in your industry?

In training professionals around the world and in every industry, we have found that virtually anyone, regardless of age, experience, education, grades, contacts or field, can join the top money-makers in selling if they are willing to apply a proven, tested success system.

Extensive research into sales performance proves over and over that sales success is 85% personality and 15% training and experience.  What takes place in your mind – how you think and feel about yourself – determines your income more than any other factor.  “You are not what you think you are, but what you think you are.”

This Law of Correspondence says that your outer material world is merely a reflection of your inner mental world.

Change your mind about yourself!

The fastest way to improve your performance and increase your income is to change your mind about yourself.  As you revise and upgrade your beliefs about yourself and your abilities, your outer world will change to correspond with the “new you.”  You will become a peak performer on the outside as you become a peak performer on the inside.


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